Dining out can be challenging whether you have allergies or not. The wait or kitchen staff may not understand your party’s order or the necessities at the moment. This miscommunication can be life-threatening for those with Food Allergies. 

To help this worry go away, here are five restaurants in the Chicago area that have handled my allergies perfectly. 

312 Chicago

Type of Restaurant: Italian 

Comprehension of Food Allergies: They knew the differences between allergens and also how to deal with them. Every question I had about a dish, the sous chef would personally answer himself. 

The Grill Room

Type of Restaurant: Steak House

Comprehension of Food Allergies: They understood what needed to be completed to ensure a safe dining experience. The restaurant also made it possible and took the precautions needed for me to eat all the dishes I wished.  Many places will not be able to guarantee that everything you want will be safe for you because of your allergies. 

Uncle Julio’s

Type of Restaurant: Mexican

Comprehension of Food Allergies: They have a wonderful understanding! Their menu features a statement that encourages you to talk about your allergies with your waiter. Much like the previous restaurant, they will cook whatever you desire to be safe for you. Many desserts are also peanut and treenut free!

The Melting Pot

Type of Restaurant: Fondue

Comprehension of Food Allergies: By calling ahead, your party can receive a double-burner. That means that there will be two pots.  You can work it out so that one pot will be allergy-friendly.  The wait staff will also discuss menu items that are safe. Since you cook your food yourself, you can make sure it does not touch any threatening foods. 

P.F. Changs

Type of Restaurant: Asian

Comprehension of Food Allergies: They will give you a personalized allergy-safe menu. On that menu, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, that do not come into contact with your allergens, will be listed. The waiters and waitresses also are informed about allergies and will take the appropriate precautions. 

   A feeling of relief is always found when you find a restaurant that understands you and your allergies. I hope that this article is helpful for those living in the Chicago Area, or those that may be visiting any time soon! 

Please tell me your favorite restaurants in your city!!