November is a very exciting month here at MyTealTicket! New changes and opportunities are afoot. I will be showcasing MyTealTicket at multiple different venues throughout the course of the up and coming month! Those wonderful festivities are beginning on Monday. 

  1. Morning Blend

I am very thrilled to announce that on the morning of November 6th, I will be appearing on Milwaukee’s Morning Blend. It is a TMJ4 news channel exhibiting daily events, and useful tips, for people. They feature local stories, along with national topics. 

    2.  EdgeMakers

I had a wonderful interview with Gina Boedeker from Edgemakers! It has truly been an honor getting to know people at Edgemakers. Edgemakers is a group aimed at focusing on young innovators and inspiring others to make their dreams a reality. 

  3. The Gluten-Free Traveler 

I have had the pleasure of talking with those at The Gluten-Free Traveler. The Gluten-Free Traveler helps people travel gluten free around the world! We are all about experiencing the world through travel and food, and they recommend great gluten free options for other gluten free travelers. 

  3.  FARE Teen Summit Innovation Tank 

On November 10th, I will be presenting in the Prototype category of FARE’s Innovation Tank. The Innovation Tank allows me to promote MyTealTicket at FARE’s annual Teen Summit! It will be held in Newport Beach, California. Huge thank you to FARE for having be back another year to present! I hope to see some of you there! 

It has truly been a privilege in interact with so many different people multiple groups and organizations! I deeply look forward to what has to come!