The first restaurant where MyTealTicket was used was Antico Posto in Oakbrook, IL. Antico Posto is a part of a group of restaurants entitled Let Us Entertain You. 

My family has always adored our dining experiences at these restaurants and we could not think of a better place to test out my product.  As I placed an order with MyTealTicket, the waiter was excited and exclaimed that MyTealTicket not only made his job easier, but it also helped the chef ensure that he could make my meal safely. 

The meal turned out to be both delicious and safe. The kitchen staff even prepared special breadsticks and told me that the MyTealTicket helped them make sure that they did not include my allergens. 

After the meal, the chef actually came over to my seat to talk with me about MyTealTicket. He explained both the restaurant’s policy and how MyTealTicket was a safer route because it already listed the allergens. He then gave me some suggestions that we incorporated into MyTealTicket.  I believe that MyTealTicket will help you have a safe dining experience.  

Thank you for reading my first experience with MyTealTicket! I can not wait to hear yours!