Many breakthroughs in food allergy research have taken place over the past decade. With these discoveries come new treatment plans that claim to lessen, or even cure, food allergies. Excitingly, there has been a non-evasive practice that has been gaining more popularity. The Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Wisconsin, treat food allergy through sublingual drops that, overtime, build up an immunity to the allergen! 

Sublingual Treatment:  

Every time that I have gone to the Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Wisconsin, the first treatment that I get done is sublingual treatment. I am taken to an open room with a desk in front of a sitting area for the patients. Almost immediately, the doctors or nurses will begin placing diluted drops of my allergen underneath my tongue. After waiting twenty seconds, I can swallow the drops. It is a very exciting process, as this is the closest I have ever been to eating most of my allergens. I always play a game with my mother where I try to guess which allergen, based on the taste, is in each job. 

Skin Tests

Roughly once a year I receive skin tests. After I have completed the sublingual tests, I go over to a different section of the room. There are three wooden cubicles that are used for skin and prick tests. I am usually skin tested for my mold allergies and low IgE numbered foods. The skin tests are used to see if the immune system has an initial reaction to items. After the products are put on my skin, I return to Waiting Area 2 where I wait for about 15 minutes. I then returned to the cubicle where they initially placed the items on my skin to measure the amount of skin that reacted.  

As each appointment is specified to each patient, I cannot say whether your experiences will be similar to this or not. I can guarantee that the staff at The Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Wisconsin, create a safe and comfortable environment for testing, and you and your family will have confidence in the staff and their practices. To find more out about The Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Wisconsin, you can visit their website (