What Are The Updates?

As you may know, the original design of MyTealTicket listed the 8 most common allergens on the front, along with a box for other.  The new version has replaced “gluten” with “wheat”, and now  includes “sesame”.  

Why Make The Changes?

As there are a lot of people allergic to sesame, I saw it fitting that sesame should be added to the list of the allergen choices.  Additionally, FARE and other organizations are supporting The Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2018.  If this Act passes, sesame would be legally required to be listed on non-packaged food items.  Please click here to read a recent post from FARE that tells you how you can take action to help get this Act passed.  

Another change to MyTealTicket is that “gluten” was replaced with “wheat,” as wheat is the actual allergen. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, so this change is similar to how the common allergy is dairy, not casein, which is a milk protein.  

Eat With Ease

I hope you like these changes, as I am committed to providing you with a product that helps you Eat With Ease. Please continue to share your ideas. Together, we are doing our part to make our community a safer place. 

The first orders of the new MyTealTicket started shipping just the other day.  Please feel free to share this post with your family and friends.  Thank you for your continued support.  

Have a safe and enjoyable National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!