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Hello There!


I am striving to make a difference for those with food allergies. My family and I first realized that I had food allergies when I was two-years-old and ate a Cashew. After my reaction, my parents brought me to an allergist where results from testing revealed that I was severely allergic to tree nuts and sesame seeds.

Throughout the next seven years, I was extremely cautious with my food allergies and would NEVER eat a food that I wasn’t sure was safe. Although, one day when I was nine, my mom brought me and my brother to Costco. We came across several cracker samples, and because the box only listed milk and soy as the allergens, I ate one, then another, then another. My mom and I then realized that the crackers contained three types of sesame seeds once we read over the entire label before purchasing them. We forgot that sesame seeds were not a common allergen. Strangely enough, no reaction took place. I was one hundred percent fine! After a formal food challenge at the doctor’s office, my allergist told me that it was now safe to eat foods with sesame seeds. I was so happy to be able to cross sesame seeds off my list. Since it had now been seven years since my initial reaction, I did not remember what allergic reactions felt like, and I wanted to keep it that way. Unfortunately, I was soon reminded.

A year later, on Father’s Day, my family and I went to my Uncle’s house where I was offered shrimp cocktail. I was concerned about eating it as I hadn’t eaten shrimp before. However, I was reminded that I was only allergic to tree nuts. So, I ate it and immediately felt my tongue begin to sting and hives start to multiply in my throat. However, my breathing was not compromised, so no epinephrine was administered. We then rushed to the nearest Walgreens to purchase Benadryl. I turned out to be okay, and discovered two new allergens. Fish and shellfish were added onto my list. Since then, I have only had one major reaction which was due to cross-contact while on vacation in Mexico. My family and I continue to learn and we now know that we should have used my Epi-pen during both of my dangerous reactions.

I do not want anyone else to react due to cross-contact or have a life threatening dining experience. MyTealTicket is designed to provide all of us with an opportunity to Eat with Ease.

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Thank you for reading my story. I can’t wait to hear yours!

Katie Parkins