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Now Available: A New Version of MyTealTicket

What are the Updates? As you may know, the original design of MyTealTicket listed the 8 most common allergens on the front, along with a box for other.  The new version has replaced “gluten” with “wheat," and now  includes “sesame." Why Make the Changes? As there are a lot of people allergic to sesame, I

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7 Celebrities with Food Allergies

Celebrities, they are just like us!  As 1 of 13 children have food allergies, it is not a shock that some of your favorite celebrities are among the 15 million food-allergic Americans.   Listed below are 7 celebrities from sports, movies, television, and comedy that carry epi-pens, read labels, and advocate for themselves while dining out!

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5 Ways to Avoid Cross Contact

I recently received an email regarding cross contact. The definition of cross contact is when an allergen is inadvertently transferred from a food containing an allergen, to a food that does not contain the allergen.  Cross contact can lead to severe allergic reactions at home, school, or any place that a meal is prepared.  Here

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Happy New Year from MyTealTicket

Happy New Year! Together, we are making a difference for all of the 15 million people with food allergies.  As 2018 is upon us, I would like to take some time to look back at the wonderful and exciting year that was 2017, and also talk about wishes for 2018. The Launch MyTealTicket was launched

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Exciting News!

November is a very exciting month here at MyTealTicket! I will be showcasing MyTealTicket at the Morning Blend in Milwaukee, WI, and at the FARE Teen Summit in Newport Beach, CA. In addition, MyTealTicket was just highlighted by @theglutenfreetravler and EdgeMakers. We also formed a partnership with AllergyBites! Morning Blend On November 6th, I will

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Calling All Restaurants!

MyTealTicket is designed to help you Eat with Ease!                It is helpful for people with food allergies, and parents who have children with food allergies. Additionally, it is beneficial to waiters, waitresses, and kitchen staff at restaurants. MyTealTicket makes the wait staff’s job easier because it clearly lists

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Five Foods That May Contain Your Allergens

We all have had random reactions. Those reactions where you were sure that everything you ate was safe. Well, we are here to shed some light on a few products that may contain hidden allergens. 1. Olive Oils may Contain Hazelnuts   Who knew?! Some companies place small traces of hazelnuts into olive oils to

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First Trial of MyTealTicket

The first restaurant where MyTealTicket was used was Antico Posto in Oakbrook, IL. Antico Posto is apart of a group of restaurants entitled Lettuce Entertain You. My family has always adored our dining experiences at these restaurants and we could not think of a better place to test out my product. As I placed an

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Hello, and Welcome to MyTealTicket!

On this site, you will find blogs about allergy-friendly recipes, reviews of restaurants that have handled allergies safely, and tips to help you Eat with Ease! MyTealTicket originated in November of 2016. It began as no more than an idea and some blue paper. Since then, we have made adjustments to the ticket itself, created

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