Calling All Restaurants!

MyTealTicket is designed to help you Eat with Ease!

               It is helpful for people with food allergies, and parents who have children with food allergies. Additionally, it is beneficial to waiters, waitresses, and kitchen staff at restaurants.

MyTealTicket makes the wait staff’s job easier because it clearly lists out the customer’s allergens, and helps to eliminate the possibility of the wait staff mixing up the allergens. Since waiters and waitresses have multiple tables to take care of at once, MyTealTicket offers a stress-free alternative.

The chef also benefits from MyTealTicket, as it gives him or her a colorful visual reminder to take the needed precautions. It also provides a clear visual checklist of which foods or allergens that the chef will need to avoid.

If you are apart of a restaurant, or know someone that is employed at a restaurant that may be interested in MyTealTicket, please contact me by emailing, or by reaching out to me on social media with my pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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