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November is a very exciting month here at MyTealTicket! I will be showcasing MyTealTicket at the Morning Blend in Milwaukee, WI, and at the FARE Teen Summit in Newport Beach, CA. In addition, MyTealTicket was just highlighted by @theglutenfreetravler and EdgeMakers. We also formed a partnership with AllergyBites!

Morning Blend
On November 6th, I will be appearing on NBC’s Morning Blend in Milwaukee, WI. The Morning Blend highlights a variety of community organizations, businesses, and events occurring in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

I had a wonderful interview with Gina Boedeker, from Edgemakers! Edgemakers is a group aimed at focusing on young innovators, and inspiring others to make their dreams a reality. Their goal is to inspire other young entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to the world!

The Gluten-Free Traveler
I have had the pleasure of talking with the founders of The Gluten-Free Traveler. The Gluten-Free Traveler helps people travel gluten free around the world! They are all about experiencing the world through travel and food, and they recommend great gluten free options for other gluten free travelers!

AllergyBites was founded by a mom of a toddler with 6+ food allergies. She is on the lookout for allergy-friendly eating spots, products, and services. Individuals who sign up with AllergyBites learn about fantastic products, and receive fantastic discounts.

FARE Teen Summit Innovation Tank
On November 10th, I will be presenting MyTealTicket at FARE’s Teen Summit Innovation Tank. It will be held in Newport Beach, California. A huge thank you to FARE for having me back this year! The original idea for MyTealTicket was presented at the 2016 Teen Summit in Milwaukee, WI. I can’t wait to see everyone next week, and to showcase how much MyTealTicket has grown!

It has truly been a privilege to interact with so many wonderful people and businesses! Thank you for your support, and be on the look-out for updates from the Morning Blend, and the 2017 FARE Teen Summit!

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