Interview with Megan McAleer from The Salad House

About a month ago, I saw a social media post made by @TheSaladHouse, that featured MyTealTickets being used in their locations! It is such an honor to see that restaurants are taking procedures to accommodate people with food allergies so seriously! I then got in touch with The Salad House’s Megan McAleer, and she answered the following questions regarding food allergies and MyTealTicket!

MyTealTicket: Thank you very much for using MyTealTickets! What are the responses from customers?

The Salad House: Customers, especially those with food allergies, love that we carry MyTealTicket. We have gotten positive social media feedback from numerous local customers.

MyTealTicket: How did you hear about MyTealTicket?

The Salad House: We were introduced to MyTealTicket through online research.

MyTealTicket: How do you believe MyTealTickets make it easier for your employees at the Salad House?

The Salad House: MyTealTicket, thanks to its bold color, clearly identifies an allergy for our food preparation employees. Having the tickets presented to customers upon ordering allows for the customer to notate their allergen, which makes the experience easier for everyone.

MyTealTicket: What procedures do your staff take to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for people with food allergies?

The Salad House: Once a customer alerts our staff that they have an allergy, our staff then uses new gloves to prepare the food in an allergy-friendly workplace.

MyTealTicket: Given that you have multiple locations, how do you train your staff members to create a safe meal for people with food allergies?

The Salad House: The Salad House has an Operation’s Manager that works across locations to train store managers and employees on all food allergy processes and procedures.

The Salad House was established in 2011, and is a fast casual restaurant specializing in freshly-prepared customized and signature salad creations handmade-to-order from quality, wholesome, delicious ingredients, offering the perfect health-conscious choice for your time-starved day. The Salad House has storefronts in Millburn, New Jersey, Somerville, New Jersey, Morristown, New Jersey, and Westfield, New Jersey. To find out more about the Salad House, visit

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